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You or a friend are dealing with cancer.

Now what?


Our free tools make it
easier to offer and organize support

We will also guide you along the way, with ideas on how to speed healing
and insider tips on what to say, do and give.


Gift + Cash Registry

Get and give healing gifts and financial support – just like a wedding registry
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Community Journal

A place for real time updates and words of support – all in a private setting
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Volunteer Calendar

Coordinate offers of help (like meals, childcare, transportation or prayer calls)
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Join the Mend Together family

View real Mend Together profiles or search for someone you know.


Caitie Rein

Grayslake, IL

Diagnosed at age 26. I’ve gone through chemotherapy, radiation, a bilateral mastectomy and multiple reconstruction surgeries.

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Aziza Gray

Maple Heights, Ohio

I’m getting ready for a stem cell transplant early April, but bills keep piling up. I just want life to be normal again.

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Shawn Sheppard

Jonesboro, AR

June of 2020 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The more support cancer patients get helps not only keep spirits up, but energy levels up.

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Janet Deskins

Orlando, FL

I am a 56 year old woman who was diagnosed with IDC Breast Cancer on October 28, 2020. The news was devastating to my entire family.

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Sydnee Geril

Ocala, FL

The support from my family, friends, and the cancer community mean the world to me. It is very easy to feel alone as a young adult with cancer.

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Cheryta Jones

Memphis, TN

I am a former Professor of English and this diagnosis has changed my whole life. I would love to have your support as I fight this disease.

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Neff Alcazar

Yakima Valley, WA

Since having limited resources, I believe that Mend Together can make a difference in the support patients like myself can receive.

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Nanette DeLancey


I knew this day was coming but I was hoping it wait until at least my 50s. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it…

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Hear our story

meet our founder
After my cancer diagnoses, I knew I needed support. Friends and family wanted to jump in, but I wasn’t sure what kind of help I needed (or was too shy to ask). That’s why I created Mend Together – to make life easier for patients who truly need help.
— Lisa Lefebvre, 2x cancer “endure-er”

Our Partners

New! Gift + Cash Registry

People feel helpless when someone they love is suffering from cancer

Creating a Registry helps friends and family contribute in a meaningful way.

How it works — Patients (or a Helper) register for products, services and cash funds. Friends and family choose a gift to send or simply contribute funds.

New! Journal

We help make sure everyone is updated at the same time

A Mend Together Journal helps minimize the full-time job of keeping everyone in the loop.

How it works — Patients can share news in private and get words of encouragement. Loved ones can stay connected and provide inspiration during a challenging time.

Coming soon! Calendar

Sometimes it’s hard to answer: “How can I help?”

Now everyone can know where support is needed most.

How it works—Friends and family can volunteer to go to appointments, bring a meal, help with child care and more. They can also suggest specific offers of help.

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